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Aeronasca Reviews

Aeronasca Reviews

AeroNasca Reviews: we know that customers now have the opportunity to share their experiences more easily, for this and many more reasons, as a committed company we are interested in offering Excellent Service.

Today we want to objectively detail our work and what our clients around the world have expressed through TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook about their experiences with us.

Carrying out the Overflight to the Nazca Lines represents a great challenge of trust for those interested in enjoying this tourist attraction in Peru.

For us as a Tourist Airline, it also becomes a major challenge to meet high safety standards and in no way disappoint the trust given by customers.

We have watched day after day since the founding of the company in complying with safety first and in making the Tour Fun, Educational and full of Adrenaline, to create unique experiences.

AeroNasca Reviews on TripAdvisor 

You have to do it!
Opinion of: Colombian Traveler
“We did the overflight with the Aeronasca company. Excellent service, we were picked up at the indicated time at the hotel. In 10 minutes we arrived at the airport, boarding was fast and soon we started the flight. Magnificent illustration and instructions by the co-pilot Brayan and a smooth and calm flight thanks to the pilot. Once down, mobility returned us to the hotel. Recommendations:
-Try to go in the morning before breakfast (it is the best time since the weather is favorable, both for the plane and for the passengers) – To avoid dizziness, look only through the window on your side of the plane. Don’t be jumping from side to side. The pilot turns first to the right and then to the left, so everyone has a chance to see the figures. Magnificent experience and highly recommended. “

AeroNasca collects all passengers from the Hotels or Bus Stations in Nazca for FREE, it is a courtesy of our part. In TripAdvisor we have more than 300 Reviews, you can check it here.

Aeronasca Reviews

AeroNasca Reviews on Google

Opinion of: Rodolfo Yañez del Rio
“Excellent, concerned about the tourist. A unique experience flying over the Nazca figures, I would do it again !!!”

At AeroNasca, we offer our passengers the necessary care so that they do not get dizzy during the flight and thus enjoy a Unique Experience. At Google we have more than 1,000 reviews, you can check it here.

Aeronasca Reviews

AeroNasca Reviews on Facebook 

Opinion of: Jeffrey Steven Whitney
“Impressive experience. Pilot was very considerate and guide Gonzalo was very friendly and engaging. Worth the drive and the price.”

Many people travel for 7 Hours from the City of Lima, to make the Flight over the Nazca Lines and we work hard to make the Experience worthwhile. On Facebook we have more than 30 reviews, you can check it here.

Aeronasca Reviews

Advantages of flying with AeroNasca

  • We are Direct Operators
  • We give the best price in Nazca
  • We have the largest Aircraft fleet
  • We have Experienced Pilots
  • Our staff is always available
  • Online attention is Excellent
  • We offer Free Transfers
  • We have Free Wifi in the Counter
  • We have risk insurance

Nazca Lines Reviews

You have already seen what people think about AeroNasca, but what people think about the Attractiveness as such:

Extraordinary experience
Opinion of: 904raymondp
“The flight in the light aircraft is somewhat busy (better to go before eating), but the views from the air of the Nazca lines are incredible. The different figures and lines are clearly visible.”
Pure magic
Opinion of: andres t
“As I expressed it, one of my greatest wishes was to know the Nazca lines and their connection with cultures from other planets. Obviously the magic that this place delivers is surprising. Worthy of study and contemplation.”
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