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Cultural Tourism In Peru 📸

Cultural Tourism in Peru 📸

If we talk about Cultural Tourism in Peru, the first thing we should know is that in the country, there is a great variety of Destinations with a high load of Cultural value; is that without going too far, we work so that people enjoy one of those tourist destinations.

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Today we are going to explain what Cultural Tourism in Peru is, what it consists of and which are the best cultural destinations in Peru, so that you take them into account when planning your next trips in Peru.

What is Cultural Tourism and what does it consist of?

Cultural Tourism is a type of tourism in which the different cultural aspects of a certain region are highlighted. Monuments, architecture, history, museums, archeology, heritage and art are some of those aspects that stand out when it comes to enjoying Cultural Tourism in a country.

Doing this type of tourism consists of knowing and understanding the reason for the certain region, mostly the intention of travelers who want to do this type of tourism, is to learn from the representative characteristics and in turn admire them.

This is Cultural Tourism in Peru

Currently the country is experiencing one of its best tourist moments, the year 2018 closed with 4.4 million tourists, in the previous year 2019 closed with more than 4.8 million tourists and for this 2020 it is expected that it will exceed 5 million of tourists.

According to PromPerú, for which we are licensed. 88% of Tourists enjoy doing Cultural Tourism in Peru, who carry out activities such as visiting Cultural Heritage such as the Nazca Lines, visiting Museums, buying handicrafts and visiting protected natural areas.

Cultural Tourism Destinations in Peru

We are going to review which are the destinations that travelers most often visit to enjoy Cultural Tourism in Peru and with this live a unique experience in the national territory.

The Nazca Lines

The famous Geoglyphs of Nazca are a great Mystery, because no one can say with certainty who made them, whether humans or aliens. These have a great Cultural Value for Peru and for the whole World, so much so that they have been declared by UNESCO in 1994 as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The Huge figures, which are kilometers in size never fade and are shaped like animals, plants, humans and more almost perfectly made. Many start from this hypothesis to indicate that the drawings have been made by extraterrestrial beings. Do you dare to fly over them? 🛫 Get to know the Nazca Lines Tour that we offer at the Best Price at the Aerodrome Maria Reiche.

Lineas de Nazca Turismo Cultural en el Perú

Nazca Lines Cultural Tourism Destination in Peru

The City of Lima

The coastal city of Lima is undoubtedly one of the references if we speak of Cultural Tourism in Peru. It is completely full of cultural destinations, to which we could easily dedicate an article. As we did with the Best Museums in Lima. The Larco Museum houses a collection of pre-Columbian art and the Museo de la Nación traces the history of ancient civilizations in Peru.

Lima is one of the Cities that possibly houses almost all the aspects mentioned so that Tourism can be classified as “Cultural Tourism” was founded on January 18, 1535. It has a great history, it is rich in socio-cultural aspects, discoveries are exposed archaeological, it has museums with incredible exhibits and despite its age it is one of the largest metropolises in South America. There is no doubt that the city of Lima is a perfect place to do Cultural Tourism in Peru.

Ciudad de Lima Turismo Cultural en el Perú

City of Lima to do Cultural Tourism in Peru

Cusco and Machupicchu

At the tourist level, these are the emblematic destinations of Peru and perhaps the best understood words for Foreigners when it comes to defining Peru. These are destinations that have an incredible cultural attraction, they manage to exceed the expectations of all who come to visit them.

Cusco is a city that is located in the Peruvian Andes and was in its time the capital of the great Inca empire. Being there you only feel the great sensation that the city generates, because the archaeological remains that rest in it and the Spanish architecture, which stands out for its balconies made of carved wood bordered with the ruins of the Inca walls that have witnessed hundreds of years of history. ; they transmit a great load of culture and knowledge.

80 kilometers to the northeast is the famous Machu Picchu, a name that in the Quechua language means Monte Viejo, it is a mountain that is the most important tourist destination in Peru. The Inca History and Architecture that rests in this place is impressive and makes many people love everything it represents.

Cusco Machupicchu Turismo Cultural en el Perú

Magical Cusco and Machupicchu to enjoy Cultural Tourism in Peru

We will update the great list of places to do Cultural Tourism in Peru with more destinations.

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