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Cusco Information

Cusco information

Surely you are looking for the most information about Cusco, because you are preparing your trip to this beautiful Peruvian destination and you want to have a prior knowledge of the place you will visit.

For this reason, we have made a fantastic summary summary of the information most requested by people on Google about Cusco, in order to help you fulfill the task of planning your trip.

History of Cusco

Cusco is a sacred city full of History, the capital of the great Tahuantinsuyo Empire, according to Inca Garcilaso de la Vega it was founded by an Inca named Manco Capác approximately between the 11th and 12th centuries AD.

The city of Cusco was the central Government of 4 immense regions of the ancient Inca Empire El Tawantinsuyo which means “the 4 of theirs”. The regions were named: Antisuyo, Collasuyo, Chinchaysuyo and Contisuyo and their immensity was such that it covered what are currently the countries of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

It is believed that the original design of the city was made by its ninth ruler Pachutec. The intention of the design was to have Cusco as the seat of power, making a traditional urban division of the Incas, which consisted of locating Cusco in a strategic central area, since the 4 roads of the regions converged on it.

What is the Meaning of Cusco?

Cusco comes from the Quechua language, in this case it would be Qosqo which means navel, different interpretations are attributed to this meaning, one of which was made by Inca chronicler Garcilazo de la Vega, who says that this means that Cusco is the center or The center of the world.

As in Nazca, many of the interpretations or theories about the true meanings of things are founded by the criteria of historians, residents among others.

Height and Weather of Cusco

Cusco being located in an Andean area, it is evident that its height from Cusco above sea level is quite considerable, which even makes some people feel the difference in atmospheric pressure when they arrive.

The Climate of Cusco due to the height is regularly a climate where it is cold throughout the year, there are two quite marked climatic seasons that is the time when it rains, between November and March and the temperature varies between 11 ° and 13 ° degrees Celsius . The dry season is between April and October and the temperature varies between 8 and 9 ° degrees.

Cusco altitudeCusco temperature
3.350 Masl8 – 13° Centigrade

Cusco Location

In Peru, Cusco is located in the south-eastern region in the Andes mountain range at 13 ° 30 of South latitude and 72 ° 00 of West longitude from the Greenwich meridian. The Department of Cusco has an extension of 76,225 Km² and the Province of Cusco: 523 Km².

How to get to Cusco

Getting to the Cultural Heritage of Humanity (Suggested reading: know the cultural heritage of Peru) possibly the most important in Peru, it is not so difficult. Regularly the two ways of getting to Cusco most used by people is by land or by air. This represents facilities for national tourists and foreigners.

They can choose whether to get to Cusco faster by plane or choose a slower but cheaper option by bus. Without a doubt it is one of the advantages that Nazca does not have, since the city of the eternal sun can only be reached by Bus and does not give more people the ability to get to know the Nazca Lines.

Cusco to Lima Flights

The trip to Cusco by air is an option taken by tourists who are in Lima and whose main objective is Cusco and then travel to the rest of the country. Unlike going by Bus, this option is much faster because in a 1 hour and 30 minute flight they arrive from one city to another. Airlines such as Latam, Viva Air or Sky Airline offer this service.

Cusco to Lima Bus

Cusco and Lima have a distance of 1,144 kilometers between them, it is a 20-hour road trip approximately, that without counting the stops and other procedures on the way.

Although it seems a crazy option, many tourists choose the option of going by Bus because they can know other tourist destinations in the country. For example, the buses from Cruz del Sur Cusco pass through the City of Nazca, where many take the opportunity to fly over the Nazca Lines with AeroNasca.

Cusco where to eat

The gastronomy of Peru is wonderful, being in Cusco in addition to the national dishes, you can also delight in the local cuisine that is unique. Below we will leave you a list (chosen based on good ratings) with places and restaurants in Cusco where to eat:

  • Ceviche Seafood Kitchen
  • Yaku cocina de altura
  • Hankay Homemade Craft Beer & Coffee
  • Organika
  • Qespi Restaurant & Bar

Cusco where to stay

Like the places to eat in Cusco, there are also plenty of places and hotels to stay in Cusco, that’s why we have chosen some hotels in Cusco based on public opinion, the list of accommodations:

  • Hilton Garden Inn Cusco
  • Hotel Costa Del Sol Ramada Cusco
  • Casa Andina Premium Cusco
  • Casa San Blas Boutique Hotel Cusco
  • Hotel San Agustín El Dorado

Cusco Perú

If you want to visit any of the Tourist Places of Cusco you can see the List of the lesser-known Destinations, but they are Wonderful and worth visiting by clicking here.


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