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Ecotourism In Peru⛺

Ecotourism in Peru⛺

Ecotourism in Peru is one more variant of the different Types of Tourism that exist to do in our country. As we have commented during the last articles, in Peru there are many Tourist Destinations that open a range of options to Travelers.

We are going to review which are the Places to enjoy Ecotourism in Peru, a type of tourism that is booming, demonstrated by the impressive statistics it has.

What is Ecotourism?

Ecotourism or Ecological Tourism is one where you can enjoy a natural environment or attraction, without damaging or trying to cause the least possible damage in the natural area where the experience is lived.

There is a difference between Adventure Tourism and ecotourism. Many people believe that they are the same type of tourism, but in Adventure Tourism you enjoy an activity in nature assuming a risk or requiring physical ability. As long as any activity in nature is exhilarating or calm and the environment is taken care of, it can be considered ecotourism.

Do the Nazca Lines belong to Ecotourism?

You could say yes and no at the same time, because some of these Lines can be admired from the Nazca Lines Viewpoint and have no consequences for nature or them and thus form part of Ecotourism in Peru.

However, the Nazca Lines cannot be fully observed from the Tower and the best way to do it is to fly over them by plane.

But there is good news, because AeroNasca is in the process of certification to be an Ecofriendly Company, what this means is that we will be a company that will reduce its carbon footprint in nature and thus our Tour to the Nazca Lines will undoubtedly be part of Ecotourism in Peru.

Statistics of Ecotourism in Peru

The biodiversity that Peru has, allows it to be a great candidate as a country for the realization of Ecological Tourism. That is why there are very good results in this sector, the following statistics have been published by PROMPERÚ by whom we are endorsed as Tour Operators of the Nazca Lines:

  • 8 out of 10 Tourists practice Ecotourism in Peru
  • 87% of long-distance travelers carry out ecological tourism activities.
  • The average expense of those who do ecotourism in Peru is 1,429 dollars.

Places to do Ecotourism in Peru

The destinations that are most visited for ecotourism in Peru are the following based on the activities:

Montaña 7 Colores en Perú

Rainbow Mountain in Peru

Trekking or Ascending Walks

This is an activity in which you enjoy nature 100% and the damage caused to the environment is low. If you are in good physical condition, you love challenges and you love unique views, Trekking is perfect for you. You can experience the adventure of climbing the mountains that reward with dreamy postcards at:

  1. The Mountain of 07 Colors in Cusco
  2. Cerro Blanco dune in Nazca
Canotaje en el Perú

Canoeing in Peru

Kayaking or Canoeing

If you want to be surrounded by pure nature and feel it to the fullest, you can go canoeing to enjoy the calm of the waters or kayaking in the rapids to get completely soaked, in a completely natural adventure that has almost no environmental impact. The most popular sites are:

  1. Lunahuana in Lima
  2. Tambopata River in Puno
  3. Tambopata and Cusco
Nadar con Lobos Marinos en Perú

Sea Lions in Peru

Swim with Sea Lions and Turtles

If you like animals, you can enjoy a unique natural activity by swimming with sea lions and turtles in the Pacific Ocean and also enjoy many fauna of birds that live in the area. Great measures have been adapted that benefit Ecological Tourism in these activities, which can be enjoyed in:

  1. Callao Islands in Lima
  2. Ballestas Islands in Paracas
  3. The Ñuro in Mancora
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