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How To Get To The Nazca Lines

How to get to the Nazca Lines

Surely you are planning to make the Nazca Lines Flight soon and want to know How to get to the Nazca Lines, safely and without complications. Today we will explain how to fulfill the task, from Lima and Arequipa. These are the 2 Cities that request the most information in knowing how to get to Nazca.

How to get to the Nazca Lines 

The way to get to Nazca is by land, the South Pan American Highway is the one that allows access to the city and therefore to the Maria Reiche Airport from where the Lines are flown.

Although many ask for direct flights to Nazca, unfortunately we inform you that there are no commercial flights for the City and that they must arrive by car directly or by Bus to the Terminal.

How to get to the Nazca Lines Tour from Lima 

We have previously written a very interesting article, about the 05 Best Bus Companies from Lima to Nazca, this will be very useful to create a criterion and to choose the bus company that best suits your needs.

Distance and time from Lima to Nazca 

Of the 02 Cities that we will be exemplifying in this Guide, Lima is the city that is closest to Nazca. There are 447 km between one city and another, with 6 hours 28 minutes of travel according to Google Maps. Note that the road time data is not completely accurate, there are factors such as traffic or the type of mobility that can influence.

Itinerary from Lima by Bus and Price 

We always recommend different Bus Companies to our passengers depending on the circumstance and need of each one. In the Guide we will make a standard and widely used itinerary.

The first thing you should do is Buy your Bus Ticket with the Cruz del Sur Company, you should specifically choose the 04:00 AM Departure from the Bus Station of Javier Prado Avenue in Lima. LOCATION OF THE BUS STATIONS IN LIMA.

Bus Company:Cruz del Sur
Departure Time:03:55 AM
Arrival Time to Nazca:11:15 AM
Price of Ticket: $20 – 30 Dollars

The arrival in Nazca will be between 11:15 AM and 12 PM but do not worry, we will pick you up at the Bus station to take you to the Airport and allow you to enjoy the Wonderful Flight.

Terminal de Buses Cruz del Sur av Javier Prado Lima

Bus Station of Cruz del Sur in the Javier Prado Av. Lima

How to get to the Nazca Lines Tour from Arequipa 

In this case people come from the South of the Country towards Nazca but do not want to miss the Adventure offered by the Nazca Lines, the article of the companies mentioned above will also serve to create a criterion and choose based on your needs.

Distance and time from Arequipa to Nazca 

The extension of the road on this route is even longer than that of Lima to Nazca, because the biomes and roads are different. In addition, the distance is longer, it is 566 kilometers between the cities, which assumes an estimated time of 9 hours 33 minutes.

Itinerary from Arequipa by Bus and Price 

The itinerary from this city changes a bit, because the company with which you will buy the Bus Ticket is with Tepsa. The Departure time to Nazca is at 09:15 PM, this gives you all night to rest because you arrive at Nazca at 06:15 in the morning. Our pick-ups start at 06:30 AM, so we can schedule your pick-up at that time. LOCATION OF THE BUS STATION IN AREQUIPA 

Bus Company:Tepsa
Departure Time:09:15 PM
Arrival Time to Nazca:06:15 AM
Price of Ticket: $20 – 30 Dollars
Terminal Terrapuerto de Arequipa

Bus Station of Arequipa.

How to get to the Nazca Lines Tour from Cusco 

From Cusco you can also arrive by land but the travel time is very long, they are between 12 and 13 hours of travel. In addition, many people have already bought their return plane ticket to Lima, so we advise them to check the itinerary from Lima or inquire on the website about Bus departures to Nazca from Cusco. 

Final Clarification 

We do not have a commercial partnership with any of the Bus companies mentioned in this Guide, we are not responsible for any misunderstanding or problems with these companies. The recommendations are made because they are what our users regularly use and based on experiences we know how their schedules and prices work.

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