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Nazca Lines Aliens: Amazing Discoveries

Nazca Lines Aliens: Amazing Discoveries

Nazca Lines Aliens: In the Nasca deserts excavations have been carried out where they discovered mummies with unusual appearance, which has generated great controversy and speculations about the origin of these beings and what they represent in the history of the area.

Humanoid creatures with alien appearances in Nazca.

These creatures stand out for their elongated heads; superior and inferior extremities only have three finger. The facial features are in comparison to aliens due to their large and elongated eyes.  They do not have a septum and the nasal arches are less pronounced. In addition, it’s surprising that a mouth can be perceived but the inferior jaw or lower jaw has no flexibility.

However, having a resemblance does not necessarily mean that they are extraterrestrial beings but they share many similarities with the human being. A research carried out by Russian Experts to decipher the Genome of this strange species was  determined that they have 23 chromosomes as well as human beings. Therefore, it can be classified as a Humanoid being.

Mummies with characteristics of Aliens in Nazca

It should be noted  the thorax or rib cage of the beings discovered in Nazca, are distinctive from human beings. They have a keel shape in the superior thorax that gives them a semicircular shape. This facilitated the experts to study the internal organs of these tridactyl beings.

Based on the analysis made to these mummies, it is known they are from the 5th Century AD, about fifteen hundred years ago. Although other mummies have also been discovered in the same area, they obtain the same characteristics and date from 4 to 6 thousand years ago.

The scientists in charge of carrying out all the analyzes and studies have discovered that good conservation was thanks to a white powder, which is Cadmium Chloride . It is a chemical that has antibacterial properties and has managed to mummify these species to conserve them until today.

Statements of the Ministry of Culture of Peru

Based on the rumor of the findings of these mummies with unique features, great controversy has been generated in different media outlets creating reports about what was called by some as “One of the Most Important of the 21st century.”

The National Government has made statements regarding the findings through the Ministry of Culture. Dr. Blanca Alva noted that: “After reviewing the related mummies, it is highly likely that they are not pre-Hispanic, they can be a product of a current composition ,” and consequently, “it is very likely that they are not archeological heritage.”

Therefore, if the hypotheses raised were correct about the exposure of the mummified aliens and have some kind of link with Nazca culture, it would be represent an important reinterpretation in the Pre-Hispanic History of Peru.

Visiting the Nazca Culture

You can observe the Mummies that are exposed in the Pre-Inca Necropolis at the 30 Kilometers Nazca doing the Tour through the Chauchilla Cemetery. You can compare the physical aspects of the Tridactyl Beings and the mummies that are exposed, to create your own hypothesis about this theme.

You can make an Nazca Lines Flight full of Adventure over the giant geoglyphs carved in the Nazca Desert, where you will enjoy a Air Tour of 35 minutes over the most important Lines created by the Nazca culture.


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