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Nazca Lines The Hummingbird

Nazca Lines The Hummingbird

Without a doubt, when doing the Tour of the Nazca Lines “El Colibrí” (The Hummingbird), is one of the figures that attracts the most attention. The beautiful design that this geoglyph has and its excellent layout, makes us quickly understand that it is a bird.

The Hummingbird of the Nazca Lines, is the seventh figure that we will be able to appreciate when making the Overflight. It is large in size, 96 meters long from tip of beak to tail and 66 meters wide from the tip of each wing.

This Geoglyph is designed on a plateau, which allows its appreciation to be almost immediate. The Mesetas are mountains that have an impeccable plain at the top.

In Nazca there are many incredible figures; there are human representations, geometric figures, trees, plants and animals. But the figures of the Birds are the ones with the greatest representation among the figures.

Nazca Lines The Colibri: What does it represent?

In Nazca, in addition to the Figures of El Colibrí, El Cóndor, El Alcatraz and el Papagayo, representing the Birds, there are many more geoglyphs with the same shape.

The intention of this conglomerate of drawings called: The Nazca Lines is to be seen from the sky.

In the Case of the Hummingbird, what it represents is an offering to a flying god that was quite feared by the settlers. And if they did not pay homage and show their respect for him, they feared that he would punish them by stopping the rains; which would be fatal for the crops in Nasca.

The Hummingbird of the Nazca Lines What does it mean?

Recently Japanese scientists have argued that in the Nazca Lines The Hummingbird does not have the name correctly assigned and what this mysterious figure means may be something else.

We already know that it has a religious representation to worship a god, but according to scientists at the University of Hokkaido, it does not mean being a Hummingbird, but another bird.

Masaki Eda, a professor at the University, tells what, the name that the Hummingbird has, they have given it this way based on the generic impressions of people and not being verified under the relevant studies, what it really is.

After the analysis, it has been shown that the figure of the Hummingbird has been confused with the hermit thrush, one of the modern birds of Peru.

Nazca Lines The Hummingbird

Hermit thrush, a bird that according to scientists is the figure found in Nazca.

Fly over and Enjoy the Hummingbird

At AeroNasca we have two different types of Flights to the Nazca and Palpa Lines, in any of these two Overflight modalities, you will have the fortune of being able to observe the beautiful Nazca Lines, called El Colibrí.

  • Nazca Classic Overflight: Travel for 35 Minutes the 13 Most Important Lines of Nazca.
  • Nazca and Palpa Overflight: You will fly through the 13 Nazca Lines and the 08 Palpa Lines for 60 Minutes.
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