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Nazca Lines Tower 🗼

Nazca Lines Tower 🗼

You want to visit the Nazca Lines Tower? Then this article interests you.
Nazca is known for the Famous Lines that are gaining more and more popularity in the world for their amazing Mystery. Many people want to know how to make the Tour to the Nazca Lines and most of the information that is on the Internet is only about the Flights over the Lines; what is not known, is that there is another very striking way to see the Nazca Lines.

The Nazca Lines  Viewing Tower is the other way to admire some of the Figures at a very affordable price for those who do not want to spend much or do not have time to make the flight. But from there you can’t see all the lines, you can barely see a couple of them. The Overflight make the Experience even more powerful in this tourist attraction of Peru.

Updated in 2020. As of February 2020, there is a New Metallic Nazca Lines Tower. The new structure is better than the previous one; We invite you to come and visit it very soon and enjoy the views it offers. Below we will leave you all the information about the new Tower.

New Nazca Lines Tower

New Nazca Lines Tower

New Nazca Lines Tower

Inaugurated under the Hand of the Ministry of Culture of Peru and Japanese Cooperation, on February 3, 2020, the New Metal Tower of the Nazca Lines was opened. Compared to the previous structure that is 40 years old, it has better benefits.

The New Nazca Lines Tower, is 18 meters high which allows us to better observe the 03 Figures that are around it: The Lizard, The Hand and the Tree. It also has greater capacity than the previous one, now 25 people can climb to the tower at the same time.

The price of the ticket is still quite cheap, 04 Soles for adults equivalent to $1.19 Dollars and for children the cost of admission is 1 Sun equivalent to $0.30 Dollars. All additional information on how to get there and the location continue to be useful.

New Nazca Lines Tower next to the old tower.

New Nazca Lines Tower next to the old tower.

What is the Nazca Lines Tower?

The Nazca Lines Observation Tower, is a 13-meter-high Metal Tower that was built next to the Panamerican Highway South. The structure is used to observe perfectly the few Lines of Nazca that this one allows us to admire, but that without a doubt cause a great impression.  The Nazca Lines Tower has a small parking lot to park the car and start with the Tour.

How to get to the Nazca Lines Tower?

In Nazca, getting to the Tower is not very difficult; from anywhere in the city you can go by taxi giving as a reference “El Mirador” in Spanish words, will cost you about 30 soles equivalent to 09 dollars and you will be left in the front of the place.

If you are in Lima, Paracas, Ica or any other city, you can go directly to the terminal of Nazca with some Bus Company: Here we leave you a Top of the 05 Bus Companies in Peru and then make the action recommended in the previous paragraph.

The Nazca Lines Tower next to the South Pan American Highway

The Nazca Lines Tower next to the South Pan American Highway

What is the price to use the Nazca Lines Viewing Tower?

The price to accede to the Nazca Lines Tower is of 03 Soles what is equivalent to 01 Dollar. It is enough economic for the marvel of landscapes that you can observe. It is good to mention that in the same structure you can buy souvenirs.

Location of the Nazca Lines Tower

The location of the Tower is quite easy to ubicate, approximately 25 kilometers from Nazca, is next to the Pan-American Highway South, so it will not be very difficult to get. SEE LOCATION IN GOOGLE MAPS

Can you see the Nazca Lines from the Tower?

You can observe only 3 Lines of Nazca that are the one of The Hand, The Tree and The Aligator (The tail of the Lizard Figure was damaged when the road was built. ¡A big Mistake!) Due to its low height you can not observe in a complete way the other Lines that in the Flight are crossed one by one.

 Only 3 Nazca Lines can be observed from the Nazca Lines Tower.

Only 03 figures can be seen from the Nazca Lines Tower

Visit the Nazca Lines Tower with AeroNasca

If you want to save time and avoid having to organize the whole visit to the Nazca Lines Tower; AeroNasca offers you the Tour to the Tower and the visit to the Maria Reiche Museum. You can ask for availability through WhatsApp or Online Chat.

Tour:Visit to the Tower and the Maria Reiche Museum
Includes:1. Entrance Tickets
2. Round Trip Transfers
3. Tourist Guide
Not Include:1. Nazca Lines Overflight
2. Snacks

The fact is that if you want to live a more Complete Experience and be amazed with the Mystery of the Nazca Lines we fully recommend the Overflight to the Nazca Lines by Airplane.

Is possible see all the Nazca Lines from the Tower?

No, although it is a fairly economical way to partially appreciate 3 of the Nazca Lines. We recommend to those who consult us, to make the flight and book it at

How much cost the tickets to the Nazca Lines Tower?

The entrance ticket to the Mirador has a fairly modest price. 03 Soles is the cost of using the attraction, equivalent to $ 1 US Dollar. Although there are City Tours that include many more attractions, for a good price.

Where is the Nazca Lines Tower located?

The Metallic Nazca Lines Tower is located approximately 25 kilometers from the City of Nazca and it takes about 30 minutes to reach the attraction.

How to get to the Nazca Lines Tower?

Visiting the Nazca Lines Tower is not very difficult, from anywhere in Peru, you can get to the Nazca Bus Terminal and ask for a Taxi that will leave you in front of the attraction for 30 Soles.


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