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Nazca Tourism | 5 Places You Have To Know

Nazca Tourism | 5 Places You Have To Know

Nazca Tourism
At AeroNasca
the most important thing is to provide the best service to its customers, we always strive for the satisfaction of each person who trusts in living their tourist experiences with us; especially if you will do Tourism in Nazca.

The history of the place generates high expectations and our commitment is that they live the experience in such a way that they consider it unforgettable, both for our good service and for the mystical feeling of the site.

Destinations for tourism in Nazca

Today we will mention 05 of the best tourist destinations that Nazca has; so you can enjoy alone or with your family and friends in a land full of culture and adventure. Without further ado the list:

Nazca Lines Tour

It could be said that this is the main Tourist Attraction of Nazca, our annual flight statistics reflect AeroNasca as the company that has flown the most passengers, with more than 20,000 thousand.

The Mysterious Figures that are seen from the Nazca Sky are very striking, because of what they represent culturally and because of the theories of their origin that cause a lot of intrigue in people.

All this attraction is enhanced by the adrenaline generated by making the Flight over the Nazca Lines in an Aircraft. It is incredible to do this Tour on one of the World Heritage Sites.

Turismo en Nazca: Tour a las Líneas de Nazca

Flight over the Nazca Lines by plane

Buggies and Sandboarding in the Dunes of Usaka

The Usaka Dunes in the Nazca desert are perfect for their high peaks, to carry out a couple of activities full of Adrenaline and fun; what makes them, after the flight to the Nazca Lines, the one preferred by young people.

First of all, the Buggies Tour, this consists of touring the great Usaka desert at High Speeds in some Sand Buggies, which jump over the ridges of the dunes. Almost like surfing, but on the sand and in very flashy cars 😄.

The second activity that is carried out is Sandboarding. From the highest area of any of the Dunes, you have to slide down the fall, lying on a special board so that the descent is super fast.

Turismo en Nazca: Buggies y Sandboarding en las Dunas de Usaka

Buggies and Sandboarding in the Dunes of Usaka

Aqueducts of Cantalloc and Pyramids of Cahuachi

The Cantalloc Aqueducts are a series of underground conduits that conduct water and were built in the Pre-Inca era with the intention of irrigating water to the crops of the Nazca Culture. These constructions, in addition to their size, are very impressive due to the great engineering challenge that they posed at the time.

We add to the number 3 position the Pyramids of Cahuachi, a set of constructions made between the year 1 and 500 by the Nazca Culture as a ceremonial center. We join both Tours as they are guided land tours in Nazca.

Turismo en Nazca: Acueductos de Cantalloc

Cantalloc aqueducts

Maria Reiche Museum and Antonini Archaeological Museum

The House where the German Scientist Maria Reiche lived, who studied the Nazca Lines. It became a museum since 1994 and is located at km 421.3. A cultural visit that you can do to learn more about the woman who dedicated her entire life to studying the Nazca Lines.

In the Antonini Museum located on Avenida de la Cultura 600 in Nazca, the archaeological remains of the finds made in the Italian expedition called Proyecto Nasca 1982 – 2011 are exhibited.

Turismo en Nazca: La Laguna de la Huacachina

The Huacachina Lagoon

Although it is 02 hours away from the City of Nazca, the famous Laguna de la Huacachina is one of those enchanting Destinations, which we could not miss on the Nazca Tourism list.

The paradisiacal destination that is located in the Desert of the Province of Ica and is one of the most visited places by Tourists in Peru. The Oasis is surrounded by palm trees and typical vegetation of that biome, in addition to several Hotels, Restaurants and Bars that give it an air of a movie like seeing a mirage of the desert.

Book any of the Tours in Nazca

If you want to enjoy doing Tourism in Nazca with some of the places mentioned above, we can help you to book at the Best Price and in a very simple way.

You can ask the Prices without obligation by WhatsApp or by completing the Online Price Request form.

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