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Palpa Lines Peru 🥇

Palpa Lines Peru 🥇

Palpa Lines: Everyone knows the Nazca Lines but, in all this conglomerate, the Palpa Lines are included. A series of Geoglyphs that have been discovered more recently but that also have great Cultural value and the Mystery is just as impressive.

The Palpa Lines in Peru

Technology has achieved many positive things in the region, thanks to satellites and drones, new stamped geoglyphs have been discovered in the Pampas de Palpa; a region that is bordering on the province of Nazca, in the coastal area of ​​southern Peru.

The Geoglyphs that we currently see when making the Overflight to the Nazca and Palpa Lines; They have not been traced in these Pampas only by the Nazca Culture, but also the Paracas Culture, which is even older, has started the creation of the Geoglyphs.

Although this lends itself to a great debate, on the origin of the figures, since there are many who affirm that they were not made by Humans, but by Extraterrestrials.

In Nazca the figures are only visible from the heights, unlike the Palpa Lines, which are created on the slopes of the Mountains and were possible to see from the villages at the foot of the mountains, by the people of the Paracas Culture and will bump.

Another very notable difference between the Lines of both provinces is that in the Palpa Lines, the vast majority of the figures represent human beings. In the Nazca Geoglyphs, representations of humans can also be observed, but there is more variety such as animals, geometric shapes, plants, among others.

The discoveries in the Palpa Lines

Many of the recent Figures of the Palpa Lines are due to the work done by GlobalExplorer, which are a documentation, identification and protection program for this World Heritage Site. This program has been directed by Sarah Parcak in collaboration with National Geographic.

The objective of this program was to find new archaeological evidence in the Palpa area, add it to the existing list of discoveries and seek to conserve it. This work has been achieved thanks to the experts who have initiated this proposal and to the archeology students Karla Patroni, Fabrizio Serván and the photographer Diego Ochoa.

Enjoy seeing the Palpa Lines

At AeroNasca we offer an Air Tour to observe the Figures of Palpa. You fly over the Nazca Lines and the Palpa Lines for 60 Minutes in a Cessna Plane, with capacity for 06 People and all at the Best Price and with Maximum Security.

Images and Photos of the Palpa Lines

Lineas de Palpa nuevo Descubrimiento

Lineas de Palpa - Tumi

Lineas de Palpa - La Gran Familia

Lineas de Palpa - La Fertilidad

Lineas de Palpa - La Familia

Lineas de Palpa - Charro

Lineas de Palpa - El Charro

Lineas de Palpa - El Viajero

Lineas de Palpa - Fertilidad

Lineas de Palpa - Gran Familia

Lineas de Palpa - Ballena

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