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Cahuachi Pyramids Tour

Description of the Cahuachi Pyramids Tour

In this Wonderful Tour of the Pyramids of Cahuachi you will enjoy the Ceremonial Center of the Nazca Culture, For lovers of Archeology, History and Culture this is the perfect Tourist Tour; also for those who wish to learn a lot, on this guided tour they will tour the Grand Temple, the Stepped Temple and the Mounds. These structures made in Adobe hundreds of years ago will reveal much of the Meaning of the Nazca Lines.

This Tour is advisable to do it after having done the Overflight over the Mysterious Nazca Lines, which is done in a Small Plane for 35 Minutes.

➡️It includes:

  • 02 Hours Tour
  • Entrance tickets
  • Private Mobility
  • Driver-Bilingual Guide.
  • Safety equipment.

➡️NOT included

➡️Conditions of service:

  1. The Tour can only be booked for 02 people Minimum.
  2. There are no refunds for last minute cancellation.
  3. The Tour can only be booked if the Flight to the Nazca Lines has been purchased
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Flight To The Nazca Lines With Lodging