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Things To Do In Peru

Things to do in Peru

If you are looking for the best things to do in Peru to spend your vacations and enjoy them as they should be, today in this article we will describe a list of the Tourist Destinations in the Northern, Central and Southern Regions of Peru.

The Best Things to do in Peru for 2020

Obviously there are a huge amount of beautiful places in Peru to visit and experience the holiday in different ways. There are Tourist Places that are exclusive for relaxing, living adventures and others to be filled with Culture.

As well as there are the Cheap Peru Vacation Destinations, another category to which an article can be dedicated exclusively. We are going to dedicate to describe random places of all the country, but that without doubts deserve your visit. It is necessary to emphasize that this list will be updated little by little with the best things to do in Peru and thus you know more of them.

el colibri lineas de nazca✅ The Nazca Lines

This is our favorite destination, in AeroNasca we have dedicated for years to offer the Tour to the Nazca Lines in the best way, creating unique Experiences with the Overflight in Plane, by the Mysterious Figures.

The Nazca Lines are some drawings designed with excavations in the floor of the Desert, dating from 100 and 400 years before Christ, and its great mystery is generated because there is not yet an exact theory of its origin. Many of those that speculate with theories, affirm that these Geoglyphs are creations of the Extraterrestrials.

From the earth it is impossible to appreciate the figures, that is why it is necessary to carry out the Overflight. In Nazca you will enjoy being able to admire a World Heritage Site, through a Flight full of Adrenaline and Adventure.

The Famous Lines are located almost 500 Kilometers from the city of Lima, they can only be reached by road. You have to come to Nazca because this is one of the best things to do in Peru.

Selva peruana iquitos✅ The Peruvian Jungle in Iquitos

For lovers of Pure Nature Tourism, the Peruvian Jungle is a tourist destination in the north of Peru, which is rich in Biodiversity and the virgin nature of the Amazon Forest.

In the place where the Amazon River is born, you will be able to enjoy a different Experience, taking a Cruise from Iquitos or staying directly in hostels and lodges that are in the middle of the jungle.

You will be able to explore the jungle from there and if you are a very adventurous and risky person, you will have the opportunity to enter the natural protected areas, such as Pacaya Samiria and Allpahuayo Mishana, where exuberant fauna and flora abound.

This destination is ideal for bird watching, since Peru stands out as one of the countries with the greatest diversity of birds in the world. And also to have contact with the aborigines of the Amazon and to know their ayahuasca rituals.

playa pocitas mancora✅ Pocitas Beach in Mancora

Located only 3 kilometers from Mancora, Pocitas beach as it is popularly known, has a length of 6 kilometers and also with the valuable title of being the most beautiful beach in all of Peru. You can access it walking or by motorcycle taxi, since it is not far from the center of Mancora.

This beach is very quiet, it is perfect to relax and live a comfortable vacation in the accommodations that are on the seashore and have quite good prices.

The peculiar name of this beautiful beach is due to the fact that when the tide goes out, natural pools are formed and the water remains very calm. Although the geographical name of the beach is “Máncora Chico”.

Lago Titicaca Puno Peru✅ Lake Titicaca in Puno

This famous name known in the world, is a wonder of nature located in Puno, Peru. Although it is also shared with the neighboring country of Bolivia. The beautiful landscape of Lake Titicaca offers us a great natural richness.

This incredible and mysterious destination is a Natural Heritage of Peru and is the highest navigable lake in the world, with an area of 8,562 km ² and 107 meters deep. It is more than 3 million years old and contains a great cultural, animal and plant wealth unmatched.

In this destination, without a doubt you will enjoy admiring one of the most beautiful tourist places in Peru and also in the whole planet, thanks to the tour sailing the lake and culturally you will have an indescribable experience.

Machu Picchu Cusco✅ Machu Picchu in Cuzco

How could I miss this Peruvian icon, it is the reference for the great majority and although everyone knows about this wonderful destination, we can not fail to describe how incredible this place is and why you should add it to your list of tourist places in Peru and things to do in Peru.

Machu Picchu is a fortress high in the mountains of the Peruvian Andes. This destination is located in the department of Cuzco, in the southern part of the country.

It was built in the first part of the 15th century. Machu Picchu is divided into two large areas: the agricultural area, which includes a vast network of artificial terraces, and the urban area, which is lined with various buildings and entrances, including the Pantheons of the Sun, the Three Windows, the Vulture and the Main Sanctuary.

Doing the Tour in Machu Picchu will open your ideas to the understanding of the mental capacity of the human beings, because, with less tools and technological advances, they were able to create such a marvel. Besides, you will enjoy postcards that will always remain in your mind.

Hermosa ciudad de Lima✅ The Mega Diverse City of Lima

Many of the people who come from abroad to Peru, do not enjoy what the Capital offers them; one of the most common reasons is that they already have a predefined itinerary and when they arrive in Lima, they leave directly to the tourist places of Peru.

The city of Lima has many contrasts, being located in a coastal area allows you to enjoy admiring the horizon, going to a bar or delighting the palate at the seashore.

You can soak up its beautiful culture by visiting the historic center and enjoy unforgettable moments in its various museums.  In addition, the surroundings of the city are full of natural and historical corners that will be totally worth your while.

Cañol de Colca Arequipa✅ The Colca Valley in Arequipa

This impressive destination located in the city of Arequipa, offers a very varied series of horseshoe shaped roads that connect towns with the fertile systems of terraces and mountains. The route of the volcanoes is a perfect place for trekking lovers.

The Colca Valley is one of the tourist places of Peru that combines the fortune of having incomparably beautiful natural postcards, villages and people of traditional practices of the ancestors, thermal water springs and nice decorations for sports full of much adrenaline like rafting and kayaking, mountain biking, mountaineering, trekking, horse riding and for the admiration of Andean birds, this is one of a great things to do in Peru.

What are Peru's Iconic Tourist Places?

Peru has 03 tourist destinations that make Peru proud. The first is Machu Picchu, second is Lake Titicaca and finally the emblematic Nazca Lines which you can fly over with

What are the most visited tourist destinations in Peru?

Peru has a large number of Tourist Places but the most visited are: 1. The City of Lima 2. Machu Picchu 3. Lake Titicaca 4. The Nazca Lines 5. The City of Cusco

How many Tourist Places does Peru have?

Peru is a country rich in natural areas, has more than 200 protected natural areas and has 84 of the 117 life zones around the world. Peru has 14 national parks, 15 national reserves, nine national sanctuaries and 11 reserved areas. It is home to more than 1,800 species of birds and 10% of reptiles, mammals and fish existing on the planet.

Why visit the Tourist Places of Peru?

Peru represents only advantages for travelers: its location in the world makes it easily accessible; It has commercial alliances with the currencies of the world's leading powers such as the EU, China and the EU. It also has a wide range of destinations and gastronomy.


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