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Tour In Peru

Tour in Peru

Today we are going to detail the Tour in Peru which is very special; it is the Tour to the Nazca Lines. A tour very frequented by foreign and national tourists, for its versatility and the wonderful tourist attractions that are on the route.

This tourist tour in Peru aims to depart from Lima, make a stop in Paracas, then Ica and finally Nazca. We will see what are the options that allow us to do this tour and the steps to safely perform the tour.

Tour in Peru: Nazca Lines

The route can be done in a whole day skipping the stops in Paracas and Ica; if not in two or more days you can do the tour. This will depend on the budget and the amount of time you have, because there are people who want to do the same day because they have other itineraries or do not want to spend a lot on accommodation.

We started the Tour from Lima, because the vast majority of tourists leave from there, we are also aware that there is a lot of traffic coming from Cusco and Arequipa.

Tour in Peru

1. Lima: In this great city, there are many places to visit such as its historical and colonial area, parks, museums and gastronomic points. Being the capital you will find a great diversity of Hotels at very good prices to stay.

We recommend leaving Lima early in the morning; so you don’t run into too much traffic on the road, and if you are one of the travelers who want to do the entire route in one day, it can give you time.

If you do not go by private car, you can hire the services of the Cruz del Sur company, which have departures to Paracas at 04 AM and 07 AM.

Cruz del Sur has different stations in Lima, the main ones are at: Av. Javier Prado Este 41, San Isidro 15034 and Plaza Norte Urb. Fiori Calle Gerardo Unger 6917

There are more options in the Bus Companies from Lima, in the same way you can check the prices of the tickets from the Redbus platform.

Tour in Peru

2. Paracas: You will arrive in Paracas between 7 and 10 AM, clearly depending on the time you leave Lima. This stop is within the Tourist Route in Peru that we have chosen for you.

Here you can enjoy the Paracas National Reserve and do the Tour to the Ballestas Islands, which are protected areas for their great cultural, economic and natural value.

These Tours have departures at 8 AM and 10 AM therefore, we continue to insist that you leave the city of Lima early.

After completing the Tour you can choose between staying in Paracas and enjoying the other attractions that the area has; which has spectacular Restaurants and Hotels. Or continue your journey to Ica, the companies Cruz del Sur or Tepsa, have departures to Ica during the day.

Tour in Peru

3. Ica: In this magical place of this tourist Tour in Peru you have many options to enjoy, after visiting Cultural and Natural Attractions of Lima and Paracas, in Ica you can continue enjoying the same and level up.

The first thing you can do is take a Tour of the vineyards in the area and taste the wonderful Peruvian Pisco, this is an incredible experience, where you will be dazzled observing the production process of the most important drink in Peru.

You must be dazzled by the wonderful Legend of the Huacachina Lagoon and in the afternoon fill yourself with adrenaline by doing the Huacachina Tubular Tour, a tour that takes you through the desert dunes in a sand buggy at high speeds.

In the city there are dozens of hotels of different categories, as well as you will find a great variety of restaurants. On the banks of the lagoon there are also night establishments to dance and enjoy with friends.

With the Soyuz Bus Company, you can travel to Nazca with the departures they have every 45 minutes.

Tour in Peru

4. Nazca: To complete this Tourist Tour in Peru, we end up in the city of the eternal sun. Nazca is home to the famous Nazca Lines, this World Heritage Site that receives more than 100,000 tourists each year.

The first task in this place is to make the Overflight to the Nazca Lines, tour of which We are Direct Operators, we will pick you up at the Hotel or the Bus Station where you are in Nazca and we will take you to the Airport to carry out this great Adventure.

You can also enjoy the other tourist destinations in Nazca that we also carry out. You will have available very good hotels in Nazca and restaurants.

Peru Tour Lima – Nazca

This tourist Tour in Peru, as we have already mentioned is very versatile, you will have the opportunity to continue your trip to other highly visited destinations such as Cusco or Arequipa, since Nazca is located on the road that leads to those places, so yes or yes, you will visit us.

Also if you come from those destinations, you can take time to make the Flight to the Nazca Lines with AeroNasca, are you interested? Call us: +51 999100825


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