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What Is The Nazca Lines Tour Price? 🥇

What is the Nazca Lines Tour Price? 🥇

How much does it cost to fly over the Nazca Lines?

UPDATE of 2020: The Nazca Lines Tour Price changed in relation to the season, so we have done the step by step to check the Available Price for the Date you go and take the Tour to the Nazca Lines.

Cost of the Nazca Lines Tour
FlightDurationPrice of Tour
Nazca Classic Flight35 Minutes$65 – 80 Dollars
Nazca and Palpa Flight60 Minutes$130 – 140 Dollars

Remember to check the rate first! You could get a better price than you expect.

Surely you already have the mobility and the stay organized, you only need the most important thing … The Nazca Lines Tour! That activity that will make you dazzle the mind with culture, adrenaline or whatever you are looking for doing this trip. The price by plane for the Nazca lines as we said depends on many factors so watch out for the steps you are going to take, to know the prices of the Tour:

How to know the flight prices to the Nazca Lines?

  1. Open our Consultation Chat to the bottom left and record your data
    Cúal es el precio para Sobrevolar las Líneas de Nazca
  2. You must tell the Sales Agent the Date, Number of People and Type of Flight you wish to make.
  3. You already have the prices of the Tour in Nazca, now the next step is to Book.

We need to emphasize the following:

Step number 1, is one of the many ways that we have to consult, in you can know the prices of the different Tours that we offer in Nazca from the WhatsApp of AeroNasca, Facebook, by Email or simply calling our telephone numbers.

In the step number 2 you must try to be as concise as possible with the Overflight that you want to quote, the date in which you want to make the Flight in Plane by the Lines and the amount of people that are going to accompany you, this way we will give you the prices in a faster way.

The step 3 is to book the service if you are determined to fly the Nazca Lines with us, if you don’t know how to do it don’t worry, in this video we show you how to book at Aeronasca.

Video Tutorial: How to Consult the Nazca Lines Tour Price

If you find it easier to follow the video recommendations, here it is:

Advantages of booking with AeroNasca

Possibly, this way of knowing the prices is not the most direct, but it gives a tremendous advantage over other companies that provide the same service, and is that to know the prices you get in direct contact with a consultant, giving a higher level of response and also personalized; you do not have to wait a long time to know the prices.

Without a doubt the speed and good treatment that AeroNasca offers to people is one of the best there is, in addition the good service starts from the first contact when the prices are consulted until the end of the day when the passenger is taken to the place where we picked him up to take him to Maria Reiche Airport to fly over.

Why the Nazca Lines Tour Price Change?

The Price of the Nazca Lines Tour changes due to two Factors: The Season and the Demand for the Flight.

What is the best date to fly over the Nazca Lines?

The best months to make the Nazca Lines Flight are between October and March, thanks to the arrival of summer, which keeps the sky clear almost all day.

What is the Overflight Schedule?

The schedule for the tour depends on the season. In winter the time schedule starts at 9 - 10 AM and in summer it starts at 7:00 AM.

Which Airline Company has the best price flight over the Nazca Lines? undoubtedly has the Best Price, because it is a Tourist Airline that directly operates the Tour with its own fleet of Cessna aircrafts.

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  1. Hello, I need a price for a Nazca classic flight 35 minute please..
    2 Female passengers both under 60kg…
    Rough dates 23 or 24 of May..
    Travelling from Cusco on the Cruz del sur bus, arrives in Nazca at 0800 if on time…
    Many thanks for your time, Mrs Amanda Wilson and Mum Ms Rita Glynn

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