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What To Do In Peru? Best Places To Visit In Peru 📸

What to do in Peru? Best places to Visit in Peru 📸

Today we will talk about What to do in Peru and what are the Best Places to Visit in Peru to enjoy them. At AeroNasca we have always focused on providing quality information and attention to people.

We regularly focus on sharing information about the Nazca Lines Tour and concerning tourism in the area.

But, we also receive many questions from clients about other Tourist Places in Peru. Therefore we have decided to give more extensive advice in writing from other destinations, and we have had a good reception from people.

What to do in Peru?

We will learn what to do in Peru, breaking down what are the main types of tourism in Peru and what are the Places to Visit in Perú, so we can meet the objective of helping people to identify the best tourist activities according to their needs.

Know the Places to Visit in Perú:

Turismo Cultural en Perú

Nazca Lines – Cultural Tourism in Peru

Cultural Tourism in Peru

Cultural Tourism is one, in which an enriching Experience is lived for the knowledge of a person when coming into contact with the series of distinctive features and elements, spiritual and material, intellectual and affective, that a society, city or destination has.

In Peru there is a great variety of destinations where you can enjoy a tremendous Cultural Experience, since it is a country rich in history and culture. These are 3 places where you can enjoy Cultural Tourism in Peru:

  • Nazca Lines: Mysterious indelible geoglyphs carved in the desert, dating back hundreds of years (between 200 and 400 AD) made by one of the oldest civilizations in the world or … by aliens.
  • Machupicchu: A perfect architectural construction on a mountain, made with giant stone blocks that are related to the alignment of the stars and was made in the fifteenth century.
  • Museums of Lima: In the capital of the Inca country there is a great variety of Museums in which fabrics, pottery, mummies and pieces from the different historical stages of Peru are exhibited.

Adventure Tourism in Peru

In Adventure Tourism people enjoy a destination, where the use of some physical ability stands out, or there is a risk, in a natural environment or with tourist characteristics. What makes this type of tourism attractive for many people is the increase in adrenaline in the body, which generates a unique sense of adventure.

In Peru there are also a large number of special destinations, for people to live a unique adventure:

  • Flight to the Nazca Lines: The adventure of Flying in a small Plane, maneuvering over a World Heritage Site, is a unique experience.
  • Trekking: At the Cerro Blanco Dune in Nazca, you can hike to the top of the highest Dune in the world with almost 3,000 thousand meters high, which will test your physical condition.
  • Extreme Canoeing: In Lunahuana 2 hours from the city of Lima, you can enjoy kayaking in the rapids of the rivers in the area.
Turismo Gatronomico en Perú

Ceviche – Gastronomic Tourism in Peru

Gastronomic Tourism in Peru

Peru has won many recognitions in the world, for its great gastronomic variety and obviously for the good taste of its dishes. 59% of people who come to Peru to do tourism have had the food of our country as their reason for making their trip.

We will highlight the 5 main dishes, for which tourists gastronomically love Peru and are fascinated:

  • El Ceviche: Perhaps the flagship dish in the country, this dish made with fresh fish and marinated with lemon and citrus dressings will make your mouth water.
  • The Lomo Saltado: It is a dish cooked in a frying pan until it is perfectly cooked, with the indicated spices to give one of the best tastes that your palate will have.
  • Grilled Chicken: Typical in the world, but none like the Grilled Chicken of Peru. It is a great dish much consumed for its unmistakable flavor.
  • La Pachamanca: It is a dish made with different meats, which is cooked directly with the heat of the stones.
  • El Anticucho: Skewers made from the heart, with a particular seasoning due to the way they are cooked.
Ecoturismo en Perú

Montaña 07 Colores – Ecotourism in Peru

Ecotourism or Natural Tourism in Peru

Ecotourism is on the rise in the world, the different global climate changes have contributed to governments’ restructuring of their tourism plans at people’s request, and taking more care with natural areas.

Nature tourism has also been implemented in Peru, being a country with so much biodiversity the Peruvian government and the main tourism managers in the country have been interested in increasing this tourism sector. Some of Peru’s natural destinations:

  • The Nazca Lines: These Geoglyphs are protected as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, access to them by land is prohibited, the only way to admire them is from the air making the Overflight of the Nazca Lines.
  • Paracas Nature Reserve: In this tourist place in Peru, you will be able to observe a great amount of marine fauna, birds and flora; which is also a protected area.
  • San Fernando National Reserve: This is a wonderful natural area, where you can see 3 different biomes from the same place. The Desert, the Coast and the Andean Cordillera come together to give you a privileged postcard.
Turismo Vivencial en Perú

Titicaca Lake – Experiential Tourism in Peru

Experiential Tourism in Peru

One of the types of tourism in Peru that is increasing; This is about living a tourist experience with a family that resides in the country and teaches the tourist the customs, habits and culture of the area they are in.

It is an unconventional tourist activity and it adapts slowly, but in Peru it can be enjoyed in jungle areas, where you can live alongside people who live directly in the nature of the area.

Enjoy Tourism in Peru

If of all the destinations and types of tourism that Peru offers, you have decided to make the Flight over the Nazca Lines, do not hesitate to contact us through our Online Chat or WhatsApp.


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