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Where Are The Nazca Lines 📍

Where are the Nazca Lines 📍

Where are the Nazca Lines is the first thing we ask ourselves, after we have learned about the existence of the Mysterious Figures, and we want to know where they are to book a Tour for them.

Today we will provide you with all the information of where the Nazca Lines are located, in addition to that we will leave you an Updated Guide this year so that you know: How to get to the Nazca Lines from…

Location of Nazca Lines Map 📌

We believe that the guide will be very useful, you will know how to get to the Nazca Lines from Lima, Arequipa, Cusco, Paracas or Ica … Which are the cities where most of the tourists who come to enjoy the Overflight come from with AeroNasca.

If you plan to visit the Nazca Lines, but in your car or mobility, we show you the Location of the Maria Reiche Airport, from where the Flights to the Nazca Lines take off.

Where are the Nazca Lines Google Earth 🌎

The Nazca Lines are located in Peru, a country in South America, which has an abundant nature, which allows it to have a number of impressive Tourist Places to visit.

The Nazca Geoglyphs are located in the Department of Ica, exactly in the Province of Nasca. The coordinates of the Location in Google Earth is: 14 ° 43′00 ″ S 75 ° 08′00 ″ W.

mira la ubicación de las lineas de nazca con google earth

Nazca Lines Google Earth

Where are the Nazca Lines Google Maps 🗺️ 

Surely you want to know what the location of the Nazca Lines is in Google Maps or Google Earth, to try to see the Figures from the Satellites, or, you simply want to mark the location of the next destination you want to visit …

To make that wish come true, we totally recommend the Tour to the Nazca Lines of 35 Minutes that we offer, 95% of the more than 20 Thousand passengers that fly with us a year Book it.

In Google Maps you just have to search Nazca Lines Tower and change the Map view to “Satellite”. The terrain relief is better seen if you switch to 3D view and you can see this Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

You will enjoy much more being able to admire them from the Air in one of our Flights. Do not hesitate to ask about the Overflight Price and live this Experience when you are ready.

Why are the Nazca Lines not deleted?

The Nazca Lines are engraved in the Desert, with excavations up to 30 centimeters deep, in addition to this, it rains very little in Nazca. Only between January and March the average rainfall is 9 mm and the rest of the year is 1 mm. All this added to the arid climate, allow the Lines not to be deleted.

How many are the Nazca Lines?

In the official Flight circuit for all Companies, 12 Lines are crossed, although in the Overflights that AeroNasca carries out, other Lines can be seen in the same circuit, because there are more than 12 Figures that exist in Nazca.

What are the names of the Nazca Lines?

These are the Names of the Nazca Lines: 1. Whale 2. Trapezoids 3. Astronaut 4. Dog 5. Monkey 6. Condor 7. Hummingbird 8. Spider 9. Alcatraz 10. Parrot 11. Tree 12. Hands 13. Compass

Can the Lines be viewed from Google Maps?

Yes, you can visualize some of the mysterious Nazca Lines from the Google Maps Satellite Version. Obviously, all the Figures cannot be observed because the Zone in which the Lines are distributed is quite wide.

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