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The Nazca Lines Of Peru: Amazing Destination

The Nazca Lines of Peru: Amazing Destination

The Nazca Lines of Peru: Surely you are looking for the best places in Peru to go sightseeing, either because you are a National Tourist who has the desire to know your country from north to south and soak up all its culture and beautiful landscapes. Or you may be a Foreign Tourist full of enthusiasm to know the best tourist places and enjoy a vacation full of many sensations.

Do not worry, whatever the reason that drives you to make this trip, today we will explain why you should do the Nazca Lines Tour and make the mandatory stop in this wonderful place full of Culture and lots of adventure.

First, What are the Nazca Lines?

These Mysterious Figures stamped in the Nazca desert, which are becoming more famous around the world are a series of Geoglyphs carved on the ground, that is, they shaped it by digging around 30 centimeters or more throughout the extension. In all the desert there are more than 300 different Figures and some of these are Kilometers long. An immensity! If you wish, you can read a little more and see some images of the Nazca Lines in the article “Impressive Photos of the Nazca Lines

Nazca Lines Tour in Peru with AeroNasca

The Nazca Lines of Peru an Amazing Tour with AeroNasca

What is the Tour’s Attraction?

The Nazca Lines are becoming more famous year after year, since the flights over these ancient Geoglyphs began to take place on in the year 1978, the number of people interested in this destination has been increasing. Currently in AeroNasca we have an incredible average flight per year, more than 21 thousand passengers enjoy the Nazca Lines Tour, in our Cessna Airplanes. So what makes them so remarkable? We will explain it in two parts:

Its great Mystery

Being able to fully observe the Nazca Lines is a difficult task from the Ground, since the extension of the Lines is immense, as we mentioned before, there are some Figures that are several kilometers long. This generates the first great Mystery.

Who made the Nazca Lines? Being in a horizontal plane, it is impossible that they have made the figures of Animals, Plants and Geometric Shapes so perfectly, without having been guided from above; and the Lines date from between 100 BC and 600 AD, when there was no technology that now allows us to see the Geoglyphs from the Air.

Then the following question arises: Who has been able to create the Nazca Lines? Many experts on the subject and also locals soaked in their history, give diverse opinions about who has been able to create them. The first theory is the Nazca Culture, who were a civilization that inhabited the Nazca valleys. It attracts thousands of people interested in the great cultural value of the area; so much so that in 1994 they were declared by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Then the second theory arises, arguing that they were created by aliens, because of the great findings in the area. Alien-shaped Tridactyl Beings have been found in the Nazca Desert reinforcing this theory; We mentioned before the difficulty of making perfect shapes from the ground. Were they created by aliens? This simple question drives thousands of people from all over the world to see what may be the contact with other beings in the universe.

Overflight Adventure

The Nazca Lines of Peru with AeroNasca

Take great pictures on The Nazca Lines of Peru.

In AeroNasca we have a Cessna Aircraft Fleet are piloted by a Crew Expert in the Area. From the beginning the nerves take over the passenger’s body; because with the takeoff, the force that generates the inertia is felt and the adrenaline begins to increase.

The plane will fly over each line in circles, being visible on both sides of the plane, which is very fun and entertaining due to the experience of what is being witnessed, the narrations of the pilots during the entire circuit and the sensation of flying at that height. It is certainly an incredible adventure.

You can enjoy the Tour whenever you want

The Nazca Lines Tour takes place 365 days a year with AeroNasca. We have created a guide for you to know everything you need to know to enjoy this Wonderful Experience. You can find in the following article how to go to Nazca.

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